PDW Chair: Carlos J. Alsua, University of Arizona

2022 Affiliate PDW Program: Call for Submissions

The Iberoamerican Academy of Management (IAOM) would like to invite the submission of creative proposals for its Professional Development Workshop (PDW) sessions that will take place at the Academy of Management (AOM) conference both virtually (August 4th-10th) and in Seattle, Washington, from Friday, August 5th to Tuesday, August 9th. The Academy's PDWs are an excellent platform for colleagues to share knowledge and expertise and foster workshop participants' professional development.

The two primary objectives of IAOM are:

 (1) to foster the general advancement of knowledge in the theory and practice of management among Iberoamerican scholars and any academics interested in Iberoamerican issues

(2) to perform and support educational activities that contribute to intellectual and operational leadership in management within an Iberoamerican context. IAOM emphasizes its Iberoamerican focus (Latin America, Hispanic/Latinx populations in North America, and Spain/Portugal) but is open to integrating participants, dialogues, and proposals from different perspectives, backgrounds, and regions to enrich its objectives. You can find more information about IAOM at iberoacademy.org

The theme for 2022 is "Creating a Better World Together". The recent past has brought increased polarization within societies, unapologetic neo-nationalism, constraining hyper-localism, and the somber prospects of a new "Frosty" War. In this context, is there a role for organizations, such as the Iberoamerican Academy of Management, which is globalist in its roots?  How can we contribute to creating a better world, together, not just for the locals but globally?

We want to suggest some potential topics that may be consistent with the conference theme:

Past and Present Institutions:

  1. Some would argue that, in many parts of the world, obsolete institutions have hampered a prompt response to the challenges that COVID posed. Yet, there are remarkable success stories among Iberoamerican countries. By the end of 2021, Cuba, Chile, Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay had some of the world's highest vaccination rates.

    • What are the organizational stories behind these success stories?

    • What worked? What could have worked better?

    • How could other parts of the world learn the best know-how from some of these Iberoamerican firms and institutions?

Old versus new skills in the tele-everything:

  1. Old problems with new lenses. Can we confront the traditional challenges to Iberoamerican organizations from fresh perspectives on our societies' rapid changes because of the recent pandemic?

  1. How do organizations, business schools, and management research adapt to increased tele-everything?

    • Is tele-everything here to stay?

    • What are some new skills and management styles needed to thrive in the tele-everything culture?

    • How do we predict and instill individual and organizational performance in this new context?

The new future. How do we make things better?

  1. Where do we go from here?

  1. Social justice: Global polarization and the desire for social justice have increased turmoil in Iberoamerican countries.

  • Management as a discipline has traditionally identified performance and profit as two ultimately desirable outcomes. Can Management in Iberoamerica address social justice, gender equity, or social peace as stand-alone desirable organizational outcomes, rather than mere tools to achieve performance and profit?
  • What does diversity mean in Iberoamerica?
  • Should Iberoamerican countries mirror the concept of gender and race, diversity, and inclusion from the Anglo-American Weltanschauung?
  • Is there an Iberoamerican Weltanschauung?

We welcome proposals that advance management theory, research, education, and practice within the scope of IAOM objectives. PDWs can take various forms, including round tables, panel sessions, developmental workshops, practitioner-focused sessions, and doctoral consortia, to name a few.  Acceptance of PDW proposals will be based on relevance to IAOM members' interest, novelty, creativity, and potential to be engaging. We encourage PDWs that are:

  • Innovative (experiment with new formats, models, processes, and ideas)

  • Provocative (energize participants before, during, and after the meeting)

  • Experiential (incorporate principles for practical learning)

  • Interactive (seek engagement of participants to offer alternative points of view)

  • Inclusive (provide value to students, faculty, practitioners, and international members)

  • Integrative (bridge divisional lives and international borders)

  • Developmental (allow participants to network and capitalize on physical presence)

  • Valuable (enrich participants with experiences, tools, thoughts, relationships, or projects)

We welcome proposals of interest to members of other AOM divisions and committees.  Please indicate in the submission document which divisions and interest groups may be suitable as potential co-sponsors. All proposals require a statement indicating that all PDW participants have consented to participate in the PDW. According to AOM's "Rule of Three" for the PDW program, no one may submit or be associated with more than three PDW submissions or appear in more than three PDW sessions during the pre-conference from Friday to Saturday. Proposals that violate this rule may be rejected. The space and time allotted for PDW sessions are limited, and we cannot guarantee the acceptance of all proposals. Submissions for PDW Proposals will begin on December, 2nd  2021, and close on Tuesday, January 11th, 2022, at 17:00 (5 pm) ET (NY Time). Please follow the Academy of Management's PDW Guidelines for Submissions. Please submit using the PDW submission system at

We look forward to your proposals and your participation in the IAOM PDWs!

For any comments or additional questions, please contact the 2022 IAOM PDW Chair Carlos J. Alsua.

AOM 2022 Key Dates

  • 28 June:
    Annual Meeting Program available
  • 5-9 August
    Annual Meeting in Seattle, Washington, USA
  • 4-10 August:
    Annual Meeting on the Virtual Platform