Why review for AOM 2021?

Be proactive in your academic community and contribute to the scholarly process in creating the AOM Annual Meeting program. Peer review ensures that the Annual Meeting scholarly sessions continue to be of the highest quality and allows engaged members like you to take an active role in our Annual Meeting.

First-Time Attendees

First-Time Attendees

Reviewing can be your first step in getting involved with AOM. Get to know AOM by reviewing for up to two of our 26 Divisions and Interest Groups and see the quality of our members’ research.



Help ensure the academic quality and integrity of the AOM 2021 program. Engage in your scholarly community and expose yourself to disciplines outside your domain.



Get an introduction to the scholarly process and an opportunity to explore and improve your research while gaining insight into multiple research domains.



Become an engaged, proactive member of your professional community and help contextualize research to better serve practicing managers and forecast their needs.

Reviewing for the Annual Meeting

Academy of Management relies on and greatly appreciates our reviewers. We highly encourage you to volunteer to review for at least one Division or Interest Group (DIG) or for TLC@AOM, especially if you are planning to submit a proposal.  Reciprocal reviews provide submitters with high-quality and important feedback on their work.

Interested in volunteering as a reviewer? First, read the Reviewer Guidelines for additional information. The sign-up process takes less than 10 minutes. 

To sign up, please visit the Reviewer Sign-Up System. Simply select a sponsor and use the keywords to indicate your special areas of knowledge and interest. You can sign up to review for up to two DIGs. For each of the DIGs you select, you may be asked to review up to a total of three (3) submissions. So, the maximum number of review assignments that you could receive is six (6).

Benefits of Reviewing for the Annual Meeting

  • Gain visibility for yourself and your institution.
  • Develop critical thinking skills essential to your writing and research while expanding your knowledge.
  • Expose yourself to disciplines outside your domain.
  • Shape the 2021 program and be proactive in AOM’s program planning process.
  • Give invaluable contributions to your professional community through your comments and guidance as they continue to develop their research.
  • Reviewing fosters knowledge about what constitutes excellent and interesting work.
  • Emerging scholars gain an introduction to the scholarly process.
  • Add peer reviewer to your CV or resume for future research opportunities and networking.

Key Dates
for AOM 2021

12 January 2021
Submission Deadline

21 January - 1 March 2021
Review Period

March 2021
Registration Opens

April 2021
Submission Decisions Announced

June 2021
Program Announcement

29 July-4 August 2021
Annual Meeting