The 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, held 7-11 August with a Preview Day on 6 August, offered opportunities to expand knowledge and research while addressing the 21st century’s most pressing challenges, such as conflict, discrimination, corruption, well-being, economic opportunity and equality, and climate change. 

20/20: Broadening Our Sight challenged us to see things more clearly and to break down dichotomies, broadening the way we see management and organizations and our own profession.

AOM 2020 Recap

The 2020 Annual Meeting remains online for participants through 31 Oct 2020. Please visit the Virtual Participation page for more information.

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Annual Meeting Statistics












Candidates at the Virtual Career Fair

80th Annual Meeting Highlights

  • Ability to comment and ask questions through 31 August
  • Ability to view on demand through 31 October
  • 7,213 members attended from 88 countries
  • 1.4 million-page views 
  • 7,000+ poll participations 
  • 21 Exhibitors at the Virtual Exhibit Hall
  • 1,565 sessions presented
    • 445 Live sessions
    • 283 Real-time open sessions
    • 117 Real-time presenter sessions
    • 45 Mock Live sessions
    • 1,120 Asynchronous (pre-recorded) sessions

Why members attended AOM's virtual Annual Meeting

For the first time, AOM’s Annual Meeting was virtual! This year’s meeting offered unique opportunities to expand research, network with colleagues, and disseminate knowledge addressing the 21st century’s most pressing challenges related to management and organizations. This year’s virtual meeting provided the utmost flexibility for members to connect in ways never before possible, explore ideas, and actively learn in a new, online environment

One-Stop Experience
AOM’s Annual Meeting took place on Pathable, a leading virtual event platform offering a seamless experience for all meeting activities. 

Watch at Your Convenience
The Annual Meeting featured 445 synchronous (live) sessions and 1,120 asynchronous (pre-recorded) sessions. Most sessions were recorded and remain available to watch at your convenience, allowing for greater reach and impact. 

Join your DIGs and explore others
The virtual meeting brought together all AOM divisions and interest groups, enabling attendees to choose and participate in sessions across domains.

Teaching and Learning Conference sessions were included with registration this year.

Engage in Meaningful Dialogue
Supplemental session information, such as papers, slides, PDFs, and session recordings, provide additional content and context. Attendees can view the materials, follow conversations, and engage in meaningful dialogue after the session. 

Extended Collaboration and Viewing Periods
Attendees can pace themselves and revisit sessions at their convenience. Questions, answers, and comments can be added through 31 August. Supplemental session information is available through 31 October.

Network and Engage
Members joined conversations with geographically dispersed attendees, advancing research, teaching and practice through virtual gathering places such as “Birds of a Feather” topic sessions and “Want to Meet” lists of colleagues for individual or group meetings. 

Virtual Exhibit Hall
Attendees viewed presentations and met one-on-one with publishers and other vendors at the Virtual Exhibit Hall.

Virtual Career Fair
45 employers, 402 career fair attendees, and 1,006 active candidates participated in the AOM 2020 Virtual Career Fair, where employers held scheduled presentations about their institutions during the meeting and candidates scheduled remote video interviews taking place after the program sessions concluded on 11 August. 

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