Goal 4: Championing our External Standing

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AOM aggressively and effectively champions the external standing of organization and management scholars as a globally-led, inclusively governed association.

In 2021, AOM successfully continued promoting member research and raising awareness among external stakeholders around the world—resulting in 929 mentions of AOM and our members' research in global media outlets. AOM’s media briefs reach more than 1,000 media contacts each month, highlighting AOM’s new and timely member research as it relates to the world’s trending news topics. This effort has exponentially increased AOM’s media citations and solidified relationships with top-tier reporters and editors interested in AOM member research.

Top-tier journalists, from Business Insider, Bloomberg, Daily Mail, Financial Times, Fast Company, Forbes, The Guardian, HuffPost, Inc., Insider, NBC News, Quartz, The New York Times, The Observer, Thrive Global, The Wall Street Journal, and more, are increasingly publishing management and organization research published by AOM scholars.

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