2021 Leadership

Leadership and Volunteerism

The Academy of Management has a long-standing and rich tradition of volunteerism. Today, this tradition continues as thousands of members contribute their time and talents toward advancing the Academy’s initiatives. Despite increasing pressures and demands on members’ time and attention, a healthy and vibrant volunteer community emerges each year to facilitate the work of the Academy’s Divisions and Interest Groups, committees and task forces, online and extended communities, meetings, and publications. Volunteer members are truly the lifeblood of the Academy—governing, leading, and managing initiatives that connect thousands of management scholars across the globe.

During the past year the AOM global community continued to feel their way through the COVID-19 pandemic, with many around the world gradually returning to campuses and workplaces. Thank you to our Academy leaders and volunteers for their perseverance and dedication to the Academy in 2021.

The following AOM volunteers served between August 2020 - August 2021. Our current volunteer leaders can be found in the Leadership Directory.